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How To Buy Snus in Malta

How To Buy Snus in Malta

As a Scandinavian living in Malta there's always been an issue getting snus at the island. It has gotten easier lately though due to a few online stores offering delivery on the new hyped-up product, nicotine pouches (tobacco-free snus).

When I crave nicotine, I need it now. Not in two days or next week. Fortunately, we've been blessed with one website offering Same Day Delivery in Malta, but they recently stopped offering this service. Stay with me though. Just a few days after they cancelled their Same Day Delivery service, popped up like out of nowhere. It's like the old website I used, but on steroids. They don't only offer nicotine pouches but their own patented nicotine sticks and inhalers. They have Same Day Delivery in Malta for only €5.99 and the neatest website ever. It's super easy to use and got all the information you need about each product.

I'm one of OrangeMan's happy customers and this is me guest writing about my experience. I strongly recommend all my fellow snus-craving Scandis to use OrangeMan!


Sandra L

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